The True Value of Instagram Followers

The True Value of Instagram Followers

Instagram is one of the largest and most popular social networking platforms in the world today. In fact, it has increased in value since Facebook bought it for over a billion dollars! This means that Facebook, the largest single social networking company in the world, saw enough value in Instagram to make a significant acquisition. If this is what Facebook can see, it is well worth looking at the potential of Instagram in promoting your business.

Understanding the Value of Social Media in Business

Many people think of social platforms as simple one-to-one engagement mechanisms that are mostly about trivia, but where there are eyeballs on the web, there are also marketing and branding opportunities. In this context, it makes sense to look at the value of Instagram as a marketing platform and what value it adds.

Social networks are structured around engagement. This may take the form of passive engagement such as clicking a “Like” button, or active engagement through discussion. These networks are also structured around followers, and the more followers an account has, the more likely it is that its content will be seen and engaged with.

For businesses on Instagram, this means reaching a critical mass of followers so that content posted can be seen, promoted, and engaged with by potential customers. Given that a business might only realistically expect several out of every hundred followers to engage with it, for example, it makes sense to garner as many followers as possible so that engagement numbers increase.

Finding Real Followers to Engage With

Even though social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook represent valuable marketing opportunities for businesses around the world, they also require a huge amount of commitment, time, and dedication. Identifying followers who will engage and potentially turn into new customers is a task that require an enormous amount of time. Some businesses even farm this work out to employees who do it on a full-time basis. The problem is that not every business has the time or the resources to do this, and so they remain outside of the loop when it comes to social media engagement. What is the answer?


In a case like this, it makes good sense to actually make a smart business investment and buy followers on Instagram. Doing this is actually much more cost-effective than paying a staff member to manage social media. You will also gain the advantage of using a company that understands a network like Instagram and can target real people who are interested in your business niche. This bypasses one of the other major obstacles to gaining followers on Instagram: fake accounts that do not engage.

Platforms like Instagram and others represent valuable marketing opportunities for businesses around the world, but dedicating the time to finding real people to engage with can be a difficult task. Fortunately, experienced services exist that understand the foibles of social media and can source real followers to engage with you.

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