The Advantages of a Video Management System

The Advantages of a Video Management System

In general, video surveillance software facilitates the different tasks that constitute surveillance video management. Video management involves tasks such as collating surveillance videos, recording and storing them, and providing a way for users to view live video feeds and access recorded videos. A video management system is more sophisticated than network video recorder devices, which can perform more basic versions of a video management system’s functions. Video management systems have additional capabilities such as motion detection, license plate detection, pan and zoom control, and the ability to combine older analog cameras with newer IP cameras.


Companies of different sizes have different security needs—something that reputable security software companies likeQognify recognize. A good video management system can grow with your organization or business. You can add more and more features and capabilities to your video management system according to the needs of your growing facility. For example, you can start with installing cameras in one area of your facility, gradually adding more and more as your organization or business expands.


Reduction of Security Threats

There are times when crimes like theft or trespassing can go unnoticed because organizations are unable to review much of their surveillance footage. Video surveillance software have built-in alarm systems that can alert security personnel to suspicious activity, vehicles, individuals, and objects. Features such as motion detection and video analytics can enable security personnel to act immediately on potential security threats before a crime actually occurs. This way, the camera systems themselves have the intelligence to actively help deter crimes.

24-Hour Surveillance

Though your facility has guards in shifting schedules, they won’t be able to keep an eye on your entire facility at all times. With video analytics and management software like the one created by Qognify, it will be easier for your security personnel to monitor your facility 24/7. Surveillance video feeds can be accessed from a central location, and you can also install a browser that can make it easier to organize video feeds.

Facility Access Control

Keeping your personnel and property safe is much easier if you have control over who can gain access into your facility. Video cameras can help you monitor the people coming into your property. With video management software, you can integrate access control into your surveillance systems. Controlling access to your premises and the different areas of your facilities can be simple and easy with the right video surveillance software.

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