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    What materials are suitable for gravity casting and necessary to do heat treatment?

    2020-06-09 15:03:53

    I think that everyone will not be unfamiliar with gravity casting process now. We learned about the casting process some days ago, we already have a certain foundation. Now we may continue on the basis of the previous one, so that we can promote the product. Learning process and let everyone benefit from it.


    1.For some aluminum alloy materials, if gravity casting is used, do they need to be heat-treated ?


    For some aluminum alloy materials, although gravity casting can be used, after the casting is completed, a post-heat treatment process is required to improve the mechanical properties of the casting, such as tensile strength and hardness. It should be noted that aluminum alloys with different compositions have different performance requirements for aluminum castings, so the treatment methods are also different.


    2.For the AC4C(A356,LM25,AlSi7Mg or EN AC-42000) aluminum alloy material, if the metal type gravity casting method is adopted, how to proceed in the pouring process?


    For the AC4C(A356,LM25,AlSi7Mg or EN AC-42000) aluminum alloy material, if the metal-type gravity casting method is used, the specific operation of the pouring process is: Until the alloy material melts and heats up, and when the temperature reaches 730 to 750 degrees Celsius, use GBF degassing equipment to remove hydrogen and slag, it takes about 15-20 minutes; then stand for 15 minutes. Afterwards, the inspection components, slag content, hydrogen content, etc. are checked to see if they are qualified. The pouring temperature is about 720 degrees Celsius, the deviation is not more than 10 degrees Celsius.


    3.Is the material 713 suitable for gravity casting?


    From a professional point of view, 713 is a high-aluminum zinc-based alloy, and its Zinc content is about 7-8% and aluminum is about 70%. Therefore, it is suitable for gravity casting. The material has unique properties, good strength and toughness, low specific gravity, and a wide range of applications.

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