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    Planning of improving inner gate of aluminum die casting

    2020-09-29 15:01:50

    To a certain extent, it can improve the planning of the internal gate, so that the flow interval of molten metal in the cavity can be shortened or the cross-sectional area of the gate can be enlarged, so that the flow speed of molten iron in the cavity can be accelerated and the pouring time can be shortened. Moreover, the overflow vent vent is set at the junction of the metal flow, which can make the air in the mold simply escape and overflow the supercooled part of the molten iron.

    In order to avoid leakage of aluminum casting box, ensure that the sand box and sand box in the state of buckle box are closely connected during operation. There should be no gap around the joint between the box and the box, and the red sand should be tight and reliable. Each part of the mold should be firmly fastened to each other or pressed with iron to prevent the metal poured into the mold from flowing out of the gap between the two halves. If the weight of the box itself is less than P, use additional iron or fasten the box screw.

    There should be enough metal in the pouring ladle for aluminum casting to fill the mold. The metal flow should flow into the mold cavity without interruption during pouring. When casting small mold with manual ladle, the height between the pouring ladle and the gate should not be more than 100cm, and the hanging ladle should not be more than 300cm. The temperature of metal mold should be preheated to 200 ~ 400 before pouring, otherwise it will not be good for aluminum casting or metal mold itself.

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