DigASale – Online Shopping In India Just Got More Efficient

DigASale – Online Shopping In India Just Got More Efficient

Online shopping has sure made things easier for us. Now we can order latest in fashion, trends and tech from the convenience of our home. This convenience can at times be inefficient though. I have seen people spending a good chunk of their valuable time trying to research the best website to buy a product from and the cheapest rate they could get a product at. Such a research could usually take up a few hours of your day. Further, it all goes to waste when you see that the product is not available at the price you want or you a buy a product only to know that there is a 20% discount on the same product a week later.  Such a system of comparison-shopping is inefficient. It costs you money as well as time.Image result for Online Shopping In India Just Got More EfficientThere is a more efficient way to do your online shopping. DigASale is one such online tool that can help you save time as well as money when shopping online. DigASale is a new free service that helps users save money by letting their track, compare and predict product prices across several online stores in India. It also lets you set up sale alerts for the products you want. It works with almost all major online retailers in India; like Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal, Amazon, Myntra, etc.

There are two ways to use the tool – through their website and via their bookmarklet. Using their website is pretty simple and straightforward. Just head on over to the website.  Search a product that you want to buy. You can also paste the product URL from other websites into their search tool. You will be able to see the pricing history and future price predictions for the product. You can compare prices across different stores to buy the product at the best rate. You can also set up a sale alert if you wan to buy the product on a discounted rate in future. Notifications will be sent to you, when the product price reaches or drops below your desired price, via email or twitter.

The other option is to use DigASale bookmarklet. Simply add it to your browser and surf the web naturally. When you come across a product, simply hit the bookmarklet to show the pricing history and price predictions or the product. You will also have option to setup sale alert right from the bookmarklet itself.  You will be notified when the product is on sale and you can then buy the product later.

DigASale is a fantastic tool that everyone online shopper in India should use. This is a tool that can save you thousands of rupees. It makes online shopping more efficient than ever before. It saves you time and money. Give it a try today.

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